Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here comes summer!

I took Katie along with me last week when I got a manicure. They just painted her nails and put a design on them and she loved it! Two days later the paint was nearly off and she told me to please take her back so they could fix them! She was so cute!

Sunday night we went to a pool party. Katie went swimming right away, but Hannah, true to form stood around glaring for awhile. Once she watched her sister long enough she decided to go in and had a ball!

At the end of the party Hannah got herself all dolled up and was ready to go!

Last night Josh and I went to Disney to celebrate our 7 year anniversary a couple days early. My mom took the girls to sleep over her house. Katie was so excited to sleep over her GG's that she had me pack her backpack right after she woke up! She wore it around for a couple of hours, and asked me about 15 times, "When is she coming?" It was so cute!

The girls are at such a fun age right now. Boy do they love each other! Josh told Katie the other day that she was actually the boss of the house, because Hannah follows her around and copies pretty much everything she does! If we want Hannah to do something and she is ignoring us, all we have to do is get Katie to do it or pretend and Hannah will soon follow! :-) Hannah is talking up a storm too! And she tells you exactly what she wants and does not want. But my favorite thing is she says, like her sister used to....."Mommy hold you!" Instead of "Mommy hold me." I love it when my girls say that and I just remember being so sad when Katie stopped!

So I am pretty much off for the summer. Josh works 10 hour days Monday thru Thursdays and will have 3 day weekends for the summer. I know I have to plan activities for the girls to keep them busy and occupied! Katie was picking up so much at school (like she learned some of periodic table and pretty much how to write her alphabet) so I hope she doesn't decline while home with me! I got some "Princess" writing and reading books and so far Katie has daily "homework" which she likes very much. I also want to try and get some art projects for both girls and hopefully get some of my "art" projects done in the process. I have a large rubbermaid bin full of memorabilia that I really hope to scrapbook. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 27, 2011

So here are some recent pics.....This is Katie and I at a SeaWorld Jack Hanna event. She got to pet lots of animals and it was just a great event!

Now this is Hannah's "Stink-eye!" Be careful that you're never on the receiving end of that!

On Easter morning the girls got their baskets. Then they got another basket at Mimi's. I guess that wasn't enough, because when Uncle Luke fell asleep, Hannah tried to help herself to some sweet stuff from his basket!

And here are our Easter girls! :-)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


For about three months now I've been avoiding another post - I know that's not hard to believe since I'm not that much of what you may call a "consistent" poster to begin with, but this time there is a very specific reason......

My grandpa is gone.

Just having to type those words makes it all hurt all over again. He passed away in early February after going in to the Hospital shortly after Christmas. He was at my house on Christmas. My girls last saw him that afternoon.

He was my hero - my unsung hero that quietly became enraged for us when there was an unjustice. He was the man who showed me what to look for in a husband and then proudly gave me away when I found that. He loved me and I loved him.....and now he is gone.

And I don't feel the same. I feel different. My life has changed so much, and yet it all continues like nothing. Losing him makes me lose grandma all over again. How can I not send them updated pictures? How could I ever delete their numbers from my phone? I was so close to them for the first 30 years of my life. They can't both be gone in less than a year.

And yet they are. What happens now?

I know I will see them again. I know they are both watching out for all of us and are going to celebrating our accomplishments and joys right along with us. But my girls won't have the chance to know them like I knew them and that hurts. One day at time I guess......I will see them in the girls and will have to remember those moments and stories and preserve them (My sister started another blog for this!)

And now I've written this. In a way it helps a little because I was avoiding it, and all the while it's been in the back of my mind. Avoiding it wasn't about not telling people - anyone reading this should know what happened anyway - this was about my "issues"...... So look to the other blog for these moments and stories we'll be sharing. And look to this one for updates, changes and those accomplishments with the girls. There are sure to be many.