Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well, we had an exciting and exhausting Christmas! It was a marathon event, and took something like 12 hours! But in the end, everyone had a great time and we were all very happy! Here are some pics from the various events.......

Katie sitting next to the stockings that Santa left us. The first comment she made was that Santa "forgot to wrap" her new Tinkerbell doll!

Hannah holding one of her gifts that Santa wrapped in her stocking. Santa wisely gave her Yogurt drops! She promptly handed them to me and gave me the "more" sign in sign language to open and feed them to her!
Katie helping her Opa open one of his gifts.

Hannah giving her new Nemo doll a "kiss."

Making sure her new scarf and hit fit.

Practicing her "non-walk!"

Trying out her new poncho from Aunt Lisa!

A great day had by all!!!! :-)

So we are still not done opening all the gifts or trying things out. The tree came down yesterday and we are trying to just relax and enjoy the rest of our break. Josh and I finally broke down yesterday and got a new dining room table and chairs! We are super excited - it will arrive next week. I hope it fits well in the room - it is definately bigger than what we have now! =)