Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another post?

Wow - two updates in two days! What is going on? Actually, I don't count yesterday as a blog- It was just a bunch of pictures....This time there will be some information!
So Katie got her first "professional" haircut this weekend. SHe was so cute - and of course so well behaved! Here is the before......

And here is the after! They ended up taking like 2 inches off!

She has hair like I did when I was younger....very thin and very fine. She looks so grown-up! I can't believe she is going to be four in just a couple of days! She is so excited for her birthday party. It's so cute, but I realize now that she is going to be so sad on Saturday evening when all her "fun" is officially over. What are we going to do?
So I was finally going through the rest of the older pictures I have been keeping in the closet, and picked some to scan in so I could get them back to their original owner. 5 pictures in my scanner just breaks. What's funny is I can't even open it up to try and re-adjust it. I think the scanner is officially gone. And such good intentions I had!!!! I guess after 7+ years of working just fine, it has decided to retire. I just wish it had waited until I was done to break! =(
Well, I should go. I am exhausted and the weekend is done. Back to work and reality.......Wish me luck for this upcoming week and I'll update after!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We had Hannh's Birthday Party last week. Hard to believe she is one year already! Here are a few pictures from her party.......Here is our latest family picture......

Getting a kiss from sister

There's that tongue!

Katie helping her little sister out!

And finally here is the cupcake topper!

I am still figuring out how to get this layout workable for me.....The pictures loaded in the opposite way than I thought they would, but it all works! Now that I finally have a large amount of photos saved, I am hoping to get some more posted tomorrow.