Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Slow down!

Okay, so it has obviously been longer than a week since I made my first entry. As it stands, probably the only reason I am sitting here now to update another entry is because I am in the hospital awaiting gall bladder surgery in the morning. I was fine yesterday and then at 10 last night I was in sudden, unrelenting pain and nothing I did made it calm down. Now - I definately tend to tough things out, so Josh knew something was up when I woke him at 5 this morning and told him I thought I had to do to the hospital. Even after all that pain, a part of me was shocked when the results came back that I needed to have my gall bladder out...

I miss my family - they are only 5 minutes away, but I haven't seen my girls all day and there is a slight chance I may not get released tomorrow and so I won't go home until Christmas Eve! We haven't even finished our shopping yet! The doctor told me that I won't be able to lift anything over 10 lbs for a week after I am released so I am really going to have to slow down and let others help me! It seems like lousy timing with the Holidays over the next two weeks, but since Josh and I are both off the next two weeks and we have NO leave time left after Hannah's birth, it probably is the best timing after all.

In other news, we purchased a Flip video camera a couple weeks ago. We didn't have anything like it until now. We have enough pictures of Katie throughout her first couple of years though to make up for the lack of a video camera! :-) And I would say that Hannah is definately the "victim" of second-child syndrome. It's funny - I do feel like I am slowing down more to really enjoy Hannah as a newborn growing up, but in doing so I am so lax in taking pictures of it, and hope I don't regret it in the future!

Okay, I need to go now - exhaustion is kicking in and I am starting to feel bad again - the meds have worn off....I guesse I need to rest up for my big day tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

About Me

If you are reading this - hopefully you already know something about me! I live in Florida with my husband of 5+ years (Josh) and our two daughters (Katie and Hannah). Katie is 3 years old and Hannah is just about 2 1/2 months. We are still adjusting to having two daughters and even as I write this I keep thinking "wow-2!" Things are going well though. I do think that both our girls have fairly laid back personalities and are pretty mellow. I say this knowing we still have a long road ahead of us and if they are anything like either parent - adolescence will be rough! :-) We are starting to see some serious tantrums from Katie, but I do feel that most of that is due to her not sleeping well and frequent illnesses.
Josh and I both work at middle schools. I am a guidance counselor and Josh is an assistant principal. We enjoy our weekends, and frequently spend part of them at Sea World! We love that place and are blessed enough to live close enough to make going there a habit....We are also extremely blessed to have most of our family live within 5 miles of our home. Josh's parents, my mother, as well as 3 of our 4 siblings are just a short drive away in various directions and have been wonderful to us with all the chaos that can come with having two small children and full time jobs! We are very lucky and appreciative.
I think that will do it for now - If I keep writing you'll know everything! My goal is to update once a week, although within a few days I hope to upload some pictures.
See you soon!